Wednesday, February 25, 2015

middle aged moms white washing the internet

hallo there. 
this is a long scatter minded blog post written in my natural, unedited, unprofessional writing style. i am typing this at 4 in the morning because i was influenced by my friend's post, i got sick of condensing my thoughts into 140 characters, also i just love writing in general. i do "suffer" from a terrible attention span. so if i go off topic, be sure to inform me.

this is a blog post about gamergate and also 'social justice'.
if you do not know what gamergate is, please watch
this video to get caught up in only a few seconds.

i played video games almost every day as a child. i have every console up to the original xbox (minus dreamcast) but i can't say i am too interested in games today. unless you count the sims. i like watching people play them more than i like playing them now. around 2008 in my 10th grade debate class, i remember going on stage in front of around 50 people and debating about how video games do not cause violence- how violent people cause violence.
today in 2015, for, 6 months straight, i have been debating non-stop about how people who play video games are not sexists- sexists are sexists.
for 6 months i have been actively defending my friends, who are only defending their hobby against cruel, ridiculous accusations and smear tactics thrown at them by various media outlets who constantly label them as misogynist terrorists for not wanting to see their favorite hobby go down in flames by people who couldn't care less about it.

you tap me on the shoulder and ask
"june, why are you so involved with gamergate if you don't play video games? isn't this movement all about ethics in journalism?"

sit down peasant.

when i first found out about gamergate it was in the heat of my return to youtube. i had just made a (awful) video about third wave feminism and how it's retarded and unnecessary as shit, about how feminism in america has become a celebrity trend and a sassy tumblr fashion statement.

i'm a feminist like queen beyonce tbh feminism is cool
at first i thought the story of gamergate was hilarious. how game devs frantically trying to cover up corruption started to pretend their sites were hacked. how everyone was sleeping with each other for better reviews of their shitty boring games. as predicted the game dev in question pulled the "IM A WOMAN" card. the most classic get out of jail, get out of responsibility card there is. this is what initially sparked my interest in this. 
using "woman" as a shield has become so popular for these types of humans. you can say and do the most fucked up shit and if someone dares call you out on it or criticize you? simply shout the fact that you indeed have a vagina at the top of your lungs, and you can guarantee you will have 400 white knights sucking your infected facial piercings.
using "woman" as a buzzword for victim points is used far too often by feminists and it's both equal parts embarrassing as it is patronizing. it implies women are to be handled like drooling half retarded babies- never to receive criticism or be questioned. delicate little angels who can do no wrong and can't protect themselves. they cannot comprehend that idiots get called out for being idiots, regardless of gender.

>tfw you hate your vagina so much you think it's the reason everyone hates you

disregarding the fact that the internet mocks many idiotic men just as much, if not more, than the women involved in these scandals, female game devs and irrelevant conartists continued to feed their hipster welfare accounts with the money of neutered manchildren. several were climbing over each other for death threats and harassment for the title of 'most hated feminist in the video game industry'. women tossing themselves into the beehive waiting to be stung by any twitter egg account that was made that day so they can screencap it and profit off of it.

behold, the face of harassment.

the media and these idiots twisted everything. instead of gamergate being about corruption in the journalism industry- gamergate was painted as a misogynist hate movement run by online terrorists who want women out of their hobby.
and that could not possibly be any more false.

"it's not about corruption in the media!" 
-the media

first of all video games are not only a boys club. and for fug's sake why do you think the trend 'gamurgirl' is a thing? why do you think people pretend to be women in games like WoW? girls are not just accepted, they often get special treatment and are praised. my minecraft account was used by an old friend of mine for years where he flirted with people to get free shit. ask anyone who plays games as a hobby what their ideal partner would be and 90% of the time it's "likes video games too".

gamergate much like video games, is also not a boys club.
in fact, i have met more women, gays and trans people through gamergate than i have in my many years on the internet (and in real life) and i now have more close online female friends than i ever did.
all of these months involved i have seen nothing but support from the cause towards me and other women involved.
look at all these FUCKING MEN
oh btw ladies can you try and be less attractive? it really triggers us.

#notyourshield is a hashtag started by Ninou as a rebuttal against the ridiculous accusations and claims that 10,000+ people in the gamergate hashtag are all white straight men that hate women. as retarded and bizarre as this sounds, every single day another white hipster accuses a minority of being a white male using a fake account (aka sock puppet) or even, get this, A STOCK PHOTO. yes my friends, they have accused people of being stock photos

notice how they are all sick of this shit.

these gamers are replied to with silence, being blocked or the idiot deleting their entire twitter account in shame.

anti-gamergate/ghazi/middle aged moms/pissants/SJW's whatever you prefer to call them, are so deep in the kool aid they cannot comprehend anybody falling outside of their ideology. we see this with feminism too. the daily claims of "internalized racism" and "internalized misogyny"  because god forbid a woman or black person calls them out on their self righteousness or immense PATRONIZING it can't possibly be that they are able to think outside of the herd, no, it's because they are simply brainwashed and too stupid to know whats good for them! we all need brave (white, straight) men and women telling us how all how to think and how to woman/minority/gay correctly.

"so why do they want so badly to whitewash gamergate?" 
you ask, your eyes full of curiosity and wonder.

well my babies, get cozy, because uncle june is about to tell you.

now just a quick reminder before we dive head first into this shallow pool of stupid, we are talking about a certain brand of social justice. on paper, much like feminism, social justice is a good thing. everybody should be equal and treated fairly. we're talking about the insecure grownass adults who want so badly for gays and black people to like them that they go and shit on their own race, thinking it will please them. we are talking about grownass adults who believe racism against people with white skin does not exist and think eating chinese food is cultural appropriation.

you see, the goal of the middle aged mom is simple; look as progressive as possible, as "morally superior" as possible and collect as many internet brownie points as possible from all of their other middle aged mom friends. internet social justice was made by straight white people- for straight white people. 

pls respond

congratulations on doing the bare minimum of what is expected of human beings.

so what makes somebody this way? three things;

  • guilt
  • projection
  • over-compensation.

hey ladies, i'm not like those other men, i WONT hit you. ehehe


much like when a loud anti-gay rights governor is caught at a gay bar.
or when the leader of the klan is caught getting a blowjob from a black girl.

projection is a funny thing.

(in fact sometimes i think my dislike for these hyper sensitive cry babies stems from myself being an extremely hyper sensitive cry baby.)

for the sake of this rant lets pretend that these people in fact do not have NPD or HPD. (psst they do)
but most of it is simply ego stroking.
do you remebember kony 2012
internet social justice is exactly that only dragged on 5 years too long.

basically the name of the game is to be as progressive and as self righteous as you can possibly be so no one
suspects you're in fact actually a huge asshole who would buttfuck their own clone if given the chance.

but i digress.

"WHY do the SJW's want so desperately to whitewash gamergate???" you scream towards the sky, hands bloody, those eyes now filled with tears.

calm down, baby, i'm gettin to that.

the middle aged mom brigade has never once approached me.
not once, not neva.
before the creation of the Super Mega Hugbox 2000
i would confront those who claimed GG was against women.
and i would be met with...


i shit you not.
never once have one of these reeree's responded to me AFTER finding out i was a woman. but when they think i'm one of their precious white men, the story is a little different.

i have been accused of being a sock puppet around seven times since august. the most famous (and most hilarious) time being by Graham Linehan
"Glinner" is nobody of importance the writer of the comedy series  'the IT crowd".

this was the first time i had heard about this person when this specific tweet was retweeted onto my twitter feed. glinner is, for some reason, unable to comprehend that people like to use pictures of cartoon characters they like as their avatars. if glinner was of this generation and not a dried up dusty vagina, he would understand that nobody assumes people using female character avatars are trying to pretend TO BE those avatars (what even). it's widely known by the entire internet that you do not have to use a picture of yourself as your avatar and that cartoons, logos, drawings and "memes" (reaction images) are very popular choices for replacements. it's also common knowledge (but apparently not to adam baldwin) that you do not have to use your real full name on social media platforms. this logic is still beyond me and i think i'd have to age about 25 more years to finally understand it. 

that's where the term middle aged mom comes in.
think of it as if your mother were to find out what gamergate is.
they don't know anything about anything.

many of these people are what we on the DARKNET 1337 hax0rs anonymous leader of 4chan's /V/ like to call "normies", or "norps" (normal ordinary responsible person) the type that have their real life friends added on everything and still use AOL as their primary email. they do not know how to computer the internet.

now in reality, the chantards are the losers here. we surround ourselves with the gutter filth of the internet and we're friends with hundreds of people we have never met in person. our humor is unique, sometimes dark, ironic and more or less offensive depending on your own sense of humor. to normal people, this is bizarre, confusing and even disgusting.
but we've been numbed by the ridiculous things we have seen online that some of the most disturbing things now borderline blend in with the background of your monitor and skip right passed your eyes. to us "internet trolls" and generic harassment are no threat and we know they are just bored asssholes bothering people to get a reaction from them. but to people in their mid 30's who only share pictures of their dog and spinach quiche recipes on facebook, this is a huge problem. call the cops. call barrack obama.
this causes a lot of confusion between these two groups (anti-gg and gg). now, i have absolutely no idea why it is mostly split this way. but i can guess it has something to do with these people being middle aged mom types and "gators" being more shut-in and nerdy. therefor they would use the internet more, grow up with it and be familiar with "chan culture".
but anyway!
as i was saying..

i confronted glinner on his bullcrap. to which he responded-
oh wait he didn't. 

he instead posted my twitter avatar with the caption "look at this one. not misogyny! ethics!", implying i was a man hiding behind a woman's picture and calling that woman (myself) a slut. ???

the funniest thing about this though, or most embarrassing, was that Glinner is supposedly a comedic writer, somebody who should indeed understand what self depreciating humor is, but he didn't. he instead jumped to the completely bizarre conclusion that i was a man using a picture of a girl. because it's a fact girls can't be funny and gamergate is all fulla white penises. but what do you expect from a man whose show is about a woman too dumb to into computers so a bunch of men have to help her. (do i smell projection again?)
instead of apologizing for potentially sending 400k angry M.A.M's to harass me (plot twist, once again none of them confronted me) glinner instead blocks me out of shame and back peddles so hard i swear i felt the earth slightly tilt 3 inches from it's axis.

"you're harassing women."
"so what they're stupid they deserve it"

i guess all of those wife beaters were right all along. thanks glinner. very nice.

to this day glinner remains the butt of many of my jokes. he is a lolcow with endless milk and i pray to the gods every day for his glorious fuck up that made me laugh harder than the IT crowd ever did. it was the second hand embarrassment felt around the world.

"WHY DO SJWS WANT SO BADLY TO WHITE WASH GAMERGATE WHY DO THEY GO OUT OF THEIR WAY TO BLOCK AND SILENCE MINORITIES AND WOMEN?? I CANNOT TAKE THIS ANYMORE. ANSWER THE FUCKING QUESTION!!!!!!!!" you are now screaming, veins protruding out of your skull, you claw at the ground in some kind of animalistic instinct to escape your pain and torture.

hush hush, my child, the time will come.

earlier i mentioned something about the blockbot, the hugbox machine 2000, or aka "mommy please hold my hand the internet is scary and people disagree with me"
it was created by a programmer named randi harper  who made the bot as a means to block all of the "harassers". the blockbot instead blocks literally everyone who has ever tweeted something (good) about gamergate, and even people who follow people who tweet about gamergate. it puts people into groups and ranks them on their potential threat to muh narrative DANGER level. 
(1 being the highest level of shitlord, 3 being slightly 'problematic', i guess)


among those harassers was KFC, yes the chicken place, and the president of IGDA puerto rico, who was not very happy about that.

with 10,000 people blocked, including hundreds of women and minorities, anti-gamergate successfully created the largest echo chamber known to man kind. here they can safely log out of their accounts, lurk ours and post screenshots of "problematic" things gamergate says so they can report back to the hugbox and jack each other off frantically to caps of a trans woman who jokes about trans women, generic regurgitated /pol/tard vomit and tweets taken out of context to make us look evil. because remember folks; all of the gamergate hashtag is one person and people are unable to think outside a hivemind!

"PLEASE. MAKE IT STOP. GET TO YOUR POINT ALREADY" you sob with a loaded gun against your temple. i watch as your salty tears fall from your rosy cheeks down to your chin. you look up at me with a glimmer of hope.

lol hold up lil nigga i'm almost finished.

of course when someone on the anti-gamergate side does something "problematic" such as 'accidentally' sharing childporn and saving pictures of naked children, fantasizing about dog dong and children butts, doxxing me and others,  the rules suddenly change and excuses like "OH. WELL… THATS NOT WHAT *I* THINK SO…" or the ever so popular "ANTI GAMERGATE IS NOT EVEN A THING!!" come out of the woodwork.

you put your finger on the trigger and close your eyes

okay. jesus christ.

it's simple.

anti-gamergate white washes gamergate because it fits their narrative.

that's it.

just like how anita cherry picks who her 'haters' are.

lmao nah

their narrative is that all of gamergate are angry white male nerds living in their parents basement. just like dick wolf said. if the world were to see how many different types of people disagreed with them, the narritave would be shattered and they would have no ammo.
this is why they label us as white, male, MRA, right wing, conservatives.
(despite GG being nearly ALL left wing)

they will make themselves believe everyone who disagrees with them is whoever their ideology deems is the enemy.
it's all about muh narrative, remember that.
even mark kern (game dev of world of warcraft) who still holds a neutral stance and only wishes peace to both sides.. was reduced to nothing but another "white cis dude", despite being an asian man.

get it, gurl.

using the block bot to silence the opposing voice is the smartest thing these cowards will ever do. now they can live in their white washed make believe world where their narrative will never, ever be questioned.
truly a hugbox of extraordinary proportions.

george orwell is spinning in his grave.

in fact, the hugbox machine 2000 specifically blocks minorities under the word "token". amazing.

and god forbid someone slips through the hugbox cracks and shows you hard evidence of anita being a con artist? 
pull a sassy "bored of u~*" cop-out and block them.

the fact remains.
anti-gg has nothing.
they have screencaps of generic twitter trolls spewing playground insults.
they 'listen and believe' over hard evidence and facts.
they get angry when more corruption in the industry is unveiled.
they have a dangerous 'with us or against us' mentality which has bought many neutrals to this side.
they whitewash and silence to fit their agenda.
they grasp at straws and cherry pick until their hands are bleeding.
but most important of all
they're losing
and they know it

okay it's 6:22 am.
thanks for reading. you can put down the gun now.