Tuesday, July 26, 2016

feminism. humblebrag: the movement

OOP. i forgot i had a blog. i figured this will come in handy for those topics that just aren't good enough or "too personal" for a shoe0ffhead/shoe0nhead video. besides, i fucken love writing. i forget how much i love writing until i start writing again.

and yes before you buttcry, i'm using my all lowercase schtick. i've been doing this since the AOL days. i like it. i turn off the auto-caps on my phone. too edgy for this world.

before you read on this is a quick disclaimer: the begining of this is more personal than things you would see on my channel. this isn't seeking sympathy or anything like that, everyone has problems, it's just some history and insight as to why this particular article and attitude pisses me the fuck off so much.

humblebrag: the movement

trichotillomania is a pretty rare disorder. it's an obsessive compulsive habit to pull hair out of your head (or body) from the root. it's a bit like a stronger nail biting habit put there by our ancestors need to groom themselves (pretty interesting).
it's been known to affect mostly women and starts at the ages 9-13 (puberty) and is triggered by intense depression or stress.
i've had trich since i was 12 years old. i didn't tell my parents i was the one who was making my hair "fall out"and causing all those bald spots, i was too embarrassed to say it was myself doing it. because what the fuck? what a crazy and random thing to do to yourself. i was embarrassed and confused. i was sent to all different doctors and even had a biopsy done on my head (why the fuck wouldn't i just tell them it's me? i want to strangle 12 year old june). eventually my parents caught on when my mom caught me pulling out strands of my hair and they learned what trich was.

by golly was that the cherry on top of being already bullied relentlessly in school. for the next 3 years i wore bandanas and headbands to my classes, would have them yanked off of me. WHY THE FUCK ARE KIDS SO EVIL WHO THE FUCK WOULD  MAKE FUN OF SOMEONE WITH CANCER THIS MAKES ME LAUGH SO HARD NOW FUCK)

years ago i would have never ever fucking told anybody about my trich. if they asked if i was wearing a wig i'd absolutely deny it. today i just flat out tell them i wear wigs and i have a disorder. people always think it's cool and go "wow that must be nice to just change your style every day!", and it's true it is, (fucking expensive as fuck like $300-$20000 a wig expensive but whatever i guess it's better than being bored with one style?) people are sweet. i've grown to not care and embrace it. i feel comfortable telling the internet this now. years ago i couldn't fucking imagine telling thousands of strangers something like this but it feels good. Dr. Feels Goodman.

this. fucking. article.

(can we just take a moment to appreciate the ad underneath the title from my google search history.
how deliciously ironic and depressing)

feminism has literally become humblebrag: the movement.

for those of you who are unaware of what a humblebrag is. here are some examples.

"i don't know what to do with all these phone numbers these chicks gave to me it's annoying carrying them around in my pocket i need room for all my money :("

a humblebrag is obvious bragging but trying to come off as humble/pissed about the positive thing happening to you. another good example is all the 3/10's crying about catcalling and compliments. every fucking woman who isn't butt ugly gets hit on. fuck off it's not an epidemic it's called HUMANS ATTEMPTING TO MATE. p.s i'm not justifying actual catcalling that shit is cringe as fuck.

i rarely if ever leave my fucking house and 60% of the times i do i get a guy talking to me and i'm like a fucking 5 on a good day. some people are talkative and like to meet new people. fuck that noise. *shoves entire baybel cheese wheel into fat retarded mouth* tell them you have a boyfriend or aren't interested, don't be a dick. don't come running home to tumblr or youtube crying about how men hitting on you is rape culture.

yes this blog post became ranting about feminism. we went 0 to 100 real fast. emo to shitpost real fast.

lets get back to this diarrhea in text form here.

in this feminist shitfest some idiot humblebrags that she's tired of people complimenting her "amazing" hair.

this is the best picture of her on the internet

Yes, my hair is brilliant. It’s vibrant, it’s fun, it’s candy-colored deliciousness. To say I stand out in a crowd is an understatement.

yes my skin is perfect. it's soft. it's flawless. there's not a zit or ance scar to be found. it's been flawless my entire life. women need to stop complimenting my skin.

sorry. i wanted to jump in on the humble brag.

anyway GOOD4YOU. you're proud of your awesome hair. i think it's awesome too. i've always loved hair dyed crazy colors. i'm kind of pissed it's become a "social justice" stereotype when originally it was the punks and goths who rocked it.

Because my hair is so distinct, people comment on it almost every time I leave the house. Usually, the people stopping me to tell me that they like my hair are men, like you. And, truth be told, I just don’t give a fuck what you think of my hair.

OH JESUS CHRIST THATS TOO BAD. they're being nice KIND human beings. THEY LIKE YOUR HAIR. THEY LIKE THE COLOR. maybe they're so used to seeing basic bitches with blonde, brown, black hair you stand out and they like it. maybe they like punk chicks. maybe they appreciate the look you have created. for fuck's sake it's a compliment.


all these men hit on me every time i leave the house i hate it hurrdurr
welcome to having a vagina.
not to say chicks with dicks don't get hit on...
i mean
look at this.
it's like staring into the sun.


unsolicited comments about my appearance feel intrusive and threatening.

"unsolicited comments"
what the fuck is the opposite of that then?
>solicited comments

so when you're not outwardly fishing for them you don't accept compliments?


what the actual fuck am i reading right now this is glorious.

I know that my hair is really bright and noticeable, but I really wish you would stop using it as an opening to try to get my attention. And honestly, you’re not the first guy to try that line on me today. It’s tired, bro, and I’m exhausted. I mean, CAN I LIVE?

1. people like to have a topic to talk about if they want to get to know somebody. either that or they're going to use a shitty pick-up line. choose your "poison". i started initial conversation with my boyfriend when i bought his fucking merch shirt. i guarantee that's more retarded than some dude telling you your hair is neat.

2. you're not that fucking hot calm yourself.

guys, i don't think i can handle this cringe. do you think this should be a video? i thought the hair part was too personal but shit this might actually be a good video. you know me, i love to share lolcows with the world. and this is like a lolherd. tell me if i should. i'm not sure.

When I’m not emphatically grateful that you complimented my hair when I never asked you to, it doesn’t mean I’m a bitch. It just means that I don’t appreciate comments from dudes about what I look like. Especially random dudes on the street that I don’t know. Please consider what it feels like for me. I’m just trying to go about my day, and men that I don’t know keep interrupting me to tell me that I’m pretty or my hair is awesome. 

>when i never asked you to

>it doesn't mean i'm a bitch
no it doesn't but you're pretty socially fucking retarded. and that's coming from a socially fucking retarded retard herself.

 >i don't appreciate comments from dudes
ya keep emphasizing "dudes" and "men" so im guessing if it was a woman it's okay? you're just scared of the peen?

>please consider what it feels like for me

>men i don't know keep interuptting me to tell me my hair is awesome
what the fuck is this i'm screaming.

 I’m immediately on guard, because I’m not sure what response you’re going to be looking for, and if I give the wrong one, sometimes you get angry, and then I feel frightened. Therefore, I dread any interactions with men on the street because I don’t know how they’re going to end.
sounds like paranoia, fam. this is actually getting kind of sad.
yeah some people are assholes, i've dealt with those. one time a guy refused to leave unless i gave him a kiss, i gave him a hug so he'd fuck off. one told me to spin around so he could see my whole body. i told one i had a boyfriend like i always do but his answer was "he's not here :^)".

people can be really creepy and retarded when it comes to personal boundaries. but this is not the majority. so don't pretend it is.

And I know it might seem odd, but I actually don’t dye my hair because I “want attention” or because I care what anyone thinks about it. This may be hard to believe, but I actually dye my hair these bright colors for myself. 
yeah i agree. colored hair is awesome. i love my eyeliner style. i've been doing it since i was 14. it gets lots of compliments online and offline by women and men alike. i dont put it on because of that- i put it on because it exaggerates my big almond eyes and makes me feel cute. (also because i'm so fucking used to it) i get you there.

Not all women’s behaviors are done with the end goal of appealing to men (SHOCKING, I KNOW).
tell that to the fucking hundreds of feminists who say anti-feminist women just have different opinions for male attention

 i agree though.

You assume that I’m single, despite the ring on my finger that indicates that I’m not.

so just tell them you're fucking not. it takes two seconds. people are not mind readers. they're not looking at your fingers, retard. they're looking at that SWEET ASS HAIR OF YOURS AYYY GURL SHAKE THAT HAIR MMFF

You also assume that I’m straight, and interested in being hit on by a dude. 

that's because a very large portion of people are straight and there's a huge chance you are straight. is.. is this article for real.

And, of course, you assume that you’re entitled to my attention or conversation or gratitude.


"you think you're entitled to my conversation or respect? PSSSSH"

like who the fuck even are you hahaha who do you think you are ahahaha the queen of england hahahaha log off

And I hate to be the one to burst the bubble of male entitlement you’ve been blissfully shrouded in, but men are not entitled to anything from me.

since we're both bitches here, i highly doubt most men want anything to do with you and this is a giant humblebrag pretending you're some high class piece of ass.

"can i speak to a manager"

honey, no. sit down.
you look like a trashy "COOL MOM".
without your neon pink hair you would blend in with the walls at any Sears.

Men, please do me a favor. The next time you want to tell me, or some other girl, how much you like our hair, please don’t.  This also applies to telling us that you like our dress, our tattoos, our necklace, or any other thing on or about our body.

HAHAHAH WHO IS THIS "OUR", "US" "WE". i went half of my life, a very important half of my life, with no fucking hair ugly as fuck buck toothed faggot. back then i would KILL for somebody to say something nice to me like that. and your'e going to sit here and beg people not to give you kind passing compliments? dude.

but let's get to your real message here, the real reason you are writing this.
"men, don't compliment us women"
you want men to stop complimenting other women.
your goal is so transparent here.
why the fuck do you want men to stop complimenting other women? because you rarely get compliments yourself? is that why you blew up mundane shit that happens to every woman ever into some absolute shitfest? "IM SO SICK OF PEOPLE SAYING NICE THINGS ABOUT ME ALLLLL THE TIME~*~*~* DON'T YOU AGREE FELLOW WOMEN. MEN SHOULD STOP COMPLIMENTING WOMEN."

i don't know if this is a classic case of ((never reproduce)) or basic jealous hag that wants to sway the world to stop reminding her she's walmart tier.

"it sounds like she just doesnt want to hear her friends get complimented around her anymore. i bet you she's the ugliest fucking one in her social group."
-armouredskeptic, 2016

so here's my message:
people, don't stop complimenting people. compliments brighten people's days, even LIVES. who knows how shit that persons day or life is. who knows if they're going to go home and put a gun in their mouth that night. jesus christ. DO NOT STOP BEING NICE. say something nice to someone. see how they smile. it feels good to make others feel good.

and to you, miss pink hair blogger, you may be a liar, narcissist, walmart mom.. but guess what?

your hair is neat
be happy you have it


  1. I propose a compliment trade scheme - every person who dislikes being complimented can sign up, as can people who want to be complimented more. Then, whenever you receive a compliment you didn't want, you log onto the helpful TradeACompliment™ app and send it, word for word, to someone who wants more compliments. I'm going to make billions. BILLIONS!

    1. Make it a gambling app where we can place bets on whether or not someone will accept/reject a compliment. Base the odds on their looks.

    2. I think that's a great idea. :D

  2. If she didn't care what people thought of her hair then she wouldn't bother dyeing it. She does it for attention. Nothing wrong with that, but she needs to stop whining about it when she gets that attention.

    I see female students doing this all the time when they go out. They spend hours in front of a mirror making themselves as sexually attractive as possible and then spend the rest of the evening muttering "creep" at any guy who approached them and complaining loudly about the "male-gaze."

    Whether something is a welcome compliment or creepy harassment is not measured by what the guy says. It is measured by the attractiveness of the man giving it.

    If the short fat guy who works in Tesco says "Hi gorgeous" to a girl, then he is a creep. If a tall handsome stranger steps out of a porsche and says "Hi gorgeous" then he is a funny cheeky chap and the compliment will swell the girls head just a little more.

    1. "If the short fat guy who works in Tesco says "Hi gorgeous" to a girl, then he is a creep. If a tall handsome stranger steps out of a porsche and says "Hi gorgeous" then he is a funny cheeky chap and the compliment will swell the girls head just a little more."

      That's just because life is unfair and darwinian. Always has been. It's not some recent feminist induced thing. Men are just supposed to have the balls to keep asking women anyway. Of course, a gross guy is a creep - who really wants gross people to get with them. Gross people should be shamed and harried like lepers until they commit suicide. As a man, it's more honorable to stoically accept reality and the fact that your worth is defined by your use to other people.

      How could it really be any other way?

  3. I never knew you had that disorder June. I don't see you any differently. Thanks for sharing a little humility with us. <3

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  5. See that's why you wear a Hijab. So that imaginary people can't compliment your hair.

    PS: Blair makes my dick confused

  6. I had a brief bout of Trich when I was in first grade. Thankfully it didn't last long since my teacher actually saw me pulling my hair out and my parents put me through a short therapy stint.

  7. So thats why you wear a shoe on your head? :^)

  8. Admiral Boombox7/26/16, 4:38 PM

    I was brought up that me talking to, looking at or even being near women was insulting if they wouldn't find me attractive, it didn't help my personality as a teen, felt worthless.

    For boys who fear they're treating women badly, issues like these are damaging as fuck.

    1. You should consider the possibility that you ARE worthless, and I don't mean that as an insult. If you are too weak to be useful to others, then nobody is going to love you.

      Sticking it out and developing manly characteristics requires adversity and backbone. If you don't have that, then you don't deserve to pass on your genes.

    2. Wow lol, I get what you're trying to say to this guy but saying it like that is never going to help anyone.

    3. Friendly reminder~

      Don't feed the trolls ಠ_ಠ

    4. Exactly. I'm aware that this is firmly inside the "personal problem" bubble. But teenage males are constantly told that they're pieces of shit and inherently criminal through assumptions and behavior by one person after another, all day long, every single day. (Think of the dad cleaning his gun whenever the daughter's boyfriend shows up. Except that it's everyone from random people on the street, to teachers, to employers acting this way.) If you have more social and personal awareness than the average gym-mat, this starts to fuck you up royally after a while. I'm going into my 30's now, and only just learning to get over the fucked up ways i was treated when i was a teenager. It can't help anyone that noticing a pretty girl is equated to rape these days. I'm just glad public bullying in the name of feminism wasn't so socially acceptable when i was younger.

  9. Great read.

    My cat is called June.

  10. I honestly had no Idea you had trich, June. Great write up by the way. I worry about how the world will change as this kind of mindset spreads. Even though I hope open doors for anyone that's behind me, regardless of gender, I feel like if you were of this feminist way of thinking, you would assume that I was doing it because you were a women. I'm glad at least that in the real world, or Scotland at least, a woman screaming at me for holding open the door for her would be frowned upon. I hope this doesn't transfer into compliments as well. I always compliment people I see whenever I notice a change in them. Nice shoes, Nice haircut, You been at the gym? It's nice to brighten up peoples day.

  11. "your hair is neat, be happy you have it" is like the sad version of Mitch Hedberg's joke: "You should never wave to someone you don't know. What if he doesn't have a hand? Then he'll just think you're being cocky!"

    Thanks for sharing, shoe :) I have a weird skin condition that makes me uncomfortable in a bathing suit. I didn't suffer like you did. I'm generally the only one who notices until I point it out. I'm just paranoid about it. That, and I'm fat, which makes the skin thing worse. I don't know why reading that I'm not the only one with issues makes me feel better, but it does.

    In the end, I agree, be grateful for the nice things you have, because someone out there doesn't. I never get compliments on my looks, dress, etc, and I crave them. I have abandonment issues. Thanks, fam, for divorcing when I was a kid! (Yeah, yeah, I need to see a therapist and get over it.) So, I'm INCREDIBLY jealous of this woman getting unsolicited compliments. Those are the BEST kind. Solicited compliments are forced, awkward or fake, at best.

  12. Thanks for your honesty June, and for putting this walmart shitbucket in her place.

  13. I really loved reading about you June and I´m really happy you´re in a good place now :3
    btw where do you get your wigs? your blonde with brown roots for example?
    and to answer your question, I do think this should be a video! I would love to cringe with you~

  14. Thank you for sharing, June, it must have taken a lot of time and courage to work that up and I'm glad you decided to share it.
    My OH nearly died from septic shock from swine flu-induced pneumonia, leading to a cardiac arrest that left him with a permanent heart condition (myocarditis). He had less than 10% chance of survival and a metal pipe shoved from his groin to his heart for ventilation (ECMO) while all his other organs shut down. He had to have his large intestine removed, a permanent ileostomy (stoma bag fitted to the abdominal wall to poop), and walks with a cane from being bedridden. He is deaf in one ear from ototoxic drugs in ICU. We are both in our early thirties.
    But you know what?
    He's fucking grateful he's alive. And, considering everything worse that could have happened, grateful to still have one ear, be able to walk, and not have any permanent cognitive issues from being sedated so long. By contrast, mean-spirited, petty, shitty-attitude bitches like this make my blood fucking boil for two reasons: 1) having nice hair is NOT A FUCKING PROBLEM and 2) having nice hair is NOT A FUCKING PROBLEM. Be fucking GRATEFUL for the nice things in your life and that your worries are so petty that this is the worst thing you could come up with. Not to mention that she would be exactly the kind of person to shit all over someone as kind, sweet, funny and genuinely well-meaning as my OH if he paid her a compliment.
    The plus side to people like her is that she makes those who are valuable to us feel even more valuable.
    - OB

    1. This comment right here ...

      Thanks for sharing this.

  15. I also suffer from Trich (specifically my eyebrows and eyelashes) so I totally understand how you feel when you say how embarrassed you used to be and how OCD can make you do stupid things), and I also have bright purple hair and get complemented on it basically any time I go out, and when people compliment it the only thing going through my mind is to make sure they know how much that compliment means to me in my "thank you" to them. Why do these feminist feel the need to bash things that are good and turn them to hateful negative things? It just comes off like this horrible projection of their own negative thoughts, that because they feel hate then love is not allowed, its heartbreaking.

  16. The Hairy Beast7/26/16, 5:25 PM

    What a spoiled brat. Ladies, as men continue to withdraw from relationships and even interaction with you. Thank women like this and feminism.

    1. Men don't continue to withdraw from relationships, only genetic dud MGTOWs do.

      This also isn't a feminist thing. Women were probably saying this in the Medieval ages. No one wants to get with a genetic dud, so the women who call guys creeps are just guarding against all the low quality males trying to make moves on them.

      Enlightenment comes from accepting this harsh truth and accepting your place in the world, not at raging against women who rightfully want nothing to do with you. A higher quality of man must develop.

  17. June, you are so uncomfortably good looking. The fact that you are also so intelligent and insightful is an enigma. You deserve so much more attention than you get. I love you and your channel. Please keep being and doing this, always. Forever.


  18. Thank you for sharing your story. I liked your thoughts and comments. I agree

    I have heard time imagining you ugly. You could be completely bald and still look beautiful

    My girlfriend I've been with for the last 10 years looks similar to you, I've always been curious what she'd look like with a shaved head... she'll probably never do it

    But I bet she, just like you, would look beautiful

    Seriously... I mean maybe not... but I'd bet so

    Sorry... stupid comment lol

  19. woah... now that colored wig i see in your videos is going to take on an entirely different meaning...

    1. The big takeaway for me is that there is 20,000 dollar wigs...

  20. A 5? Please, you're easily a 7 or 8. Now go be stupid in love with your German beefcake and quit being self conscious. You are obnoxiously cute and have a boyfriend that loves you and I'm sure lets you know you're not just a 5.

  21. My hair fell out when i was 18
    Im not ok

  22. This is 100% a case of NEVER REPRODUCE.

    This has been the message for the past 30 years, that girls are tired of men hitting on them. It leads to behavior patterns that leave men miserable for trying to do what they've been taught is the right thing. I speak from experience as someone who took most of this stuff to heart and did my best to avoid being the kind of oaf that women complain about. All it did was result in severe romantic frustration and loneliness. The only relationship I was ever in only happened because the girl made a move on me and from that point on everything worked fine, but the conditioning is real. You grow up on a lifetime diet of this and it kills your ability to initiate romance. Couple that with a general lack of social aptitude and you get very broken men who slowly go insane over time until they either hang themselves or attempt to kill the world.

    I was lucky, my best friend called me on my way to the train tracks when I finally broke and managed to talk me down, but there's a lot of men out there who don't make it. Even making it back from the brink, it still leaves you changed for the worse. I sincerely doubt I'll ever make a full recovery into a proper functioning person, the most I can do is fake it enough to fool other people, but by now it's too late to learn some of these social skills. When you're young there's some room for error as you begin learning how to initiate romance, but eventually you become too old for mistakes to be allowed and with the world turning increasingly hostile towards the notion of a man seeking romance...well let's just say I'm not holding out hope any longer.

    It's a bleak future and it only appears to be getting worse with time.

    1. My honest, heartfelt tip... look for love overseas. You'd be amazed at the different attitude, the openness, the warmth, the simple appreciation for you caring enough to be their knight in shining armor. I went from being utterly alone to having a woman I love and a family of my own. It is totally possible, totally doable. Find your love in Asia. Have the courage to think outside the box!

  23. I've never understood why people wouldn't want to get complimented. Especially when I was in High School, I got so few that when I got one it made my day so, so much better

  24. And Pink Hair up there is a good explanation for declining birth rates in the West. Look, if you don't want compliments, do what I do as a guy, put your shoulders up, arms out, and look like you are going somewhere in a hurry. When I am feeling anti-social, I do that, when I am not, I stand up straight, walk a bit slower, and more confidently, and fucking smile every now and again. Also, don't presume to speak for every woman, you don't represent anybody but yourself.

    Shoe, putting both looks and personality into it, you are easily at least an 8.5, don't sell yourself short.

    1. Nope. She's a 10.

    2. Personally the flights of ditziness can get a little annoying at times, but other than that, yeah she's great.

  25. We all have our issues, some more than others. You have a voice on YouTube, and that makes you talking about personal experiences and how you got through them a wonderful thing. I may not have the same issues as you, but I now have a reminder that someone I respect is no more perfect than I am, which can provide the difference between feeling like a freak or not.

    You probably just did more good with this than you know.

    And at the risk of being creepy, you're too hard on yourself, you're better than a 5.

    Thank you for being you.

  26. We all have our issues, some more than others. You have a voice on YouTube, and that makes you talking about personal experiences and how you got through them a wonderful thing. I may not have the same issues as you, but I now have a reminder that someone I respect is no more perfect than I am, which can provide the difference between feeling like a freak or not.

    You probably just did more good with this than you know.

    And at the risk of being creepy, you're too hard on yourself, you're better than a 5.

    Thank you for being you.

  27. don't know if you will read this. i'm so glad you are brave and strong. would love to say more, but i'm still struggling myself to be brave enough to say things and not be bashed for it.. (whatever that "it" might be)
    i'm glad to get to know you better. i am sorry you struggled so much with this issue. it seems like you are in a better place tho'. maybe if i continue viewing your vids and reading your blog, i might find myself becoming more bold and less fearful of rejection because of what i might say. Please do make this a vid if you haven't already.

  28. I have also struggled with trich my entire life... it's been a source of frustration, low self esteem, and sadness... you are brave for sharing this with your followers... thanks for doing you... :)

  29. Well, for what it's worth: I'm not at all disappointed that your hair is a wig.
    It's very fitting wig, and looks great.

    Bald is also beautiful, and patchy hair was actually a popular hair style amongst the out-crowd once upon a time.

    Also... that fucking blog post. I'm dying.
    Had to read it out to a buddy because holy shit it was good.

  30. Such a fun read! Went through the whole thing in your voice, and it was excellent. Thanks for sharing your own story about your hair, too! You told it well.

    That said, I dyed my hair teal blue last year, and the people who commented on it and furthermore TOUCHED it without asking were ALL women. And SO many of them were SJW feminist girl love types--the very ones complaining about men crossing boundaries were the ones doing it themselves. Ugh. Her article was fucking ridiculous. They only complimented her hair bc it was the only thing about her to compliment.

  31. Interesting and full of humour as is all your work.
    Would never have known you wear wigs, you always look immaculate, I had just assumed it was your nature.
    Best wishes.

  32. dude being honest, she is ugly and even if her hair color is nice her haircut is horrible and manly imo

  33. Dammit June now whenever I troll you I'm gonna feel bad cuz now I can relate to your stupid ass a lot more. Way to take the fun out of it. P.S. You're my hero.

  34. Im getting Jessica Valenti vibes on this. Bitches about "cat calling" a year later bitches no "cat calls" her anymore.

  35. i have a similar compulsion but it's other peoples hair.

  36. The world needs more beautiful and intelligent women like June and alot in the comment section.

  37. "i'm like a fucking 5 on a good day"

    Now, what the hell is that? "OMG guys im liek so ugly!"?

    You know perfectly well that 90 percent of your audience would give their left testicle just to give you a kiss on the cheek.

  38. Stay strong, Shoe. Stop being so hard on yourself. You're one of the most beautiful person I've ever seen both inside and outside. One thing though, where did you learn how to apply your eyeliner? I really like your style and would like to incorporate it into my real life (16 here). Sorry if that was a bit out of place :3.

  39. You're my favorite person I don't know Shoe :3 I wish we could be friends

  40. June has a point but to be honest what stands out to me here is how the pink-haired girl is literally the opposite of the feminist ideal of a strong, brave, free-minded woman she claims to represent, and how shoe, an actual independent and free woman, doesn't care at all about that.

    1. What Theo said x1000. Victims who simultaneously disavow white knights whilst being butthurt about every tiny fucking thing.

  41. Sounds like you had a bit of a brutal childhood. Kidz can be such nasty little savages. Thats why I laugh when people talk about "the innocence of children". Looks like you made it through with flying colors though!
    Cheers to you and the Armoured One.

  42. Hah! Love it. I react the same way when I read articles that complain about people saying their little girls are beautiful. I will never stop telling my young daughter she’s beautiful or lovely or whatever. Yes, I tell her she’s strong too and funny etc… But she needs to hear I think she’s beautiful. And I need to tell her. Only a beautiful woman who had been a beautiful child would think that it is a bad thing to tell a girl she’s beautiful, especially HER MOTHER! Trust me it is horrible to never tell a little girl she’s beautiful.

    You’re right about the HumbleBrag™. I’m uncomfortable getting compliments from strangers, especially men. It’s my shit, not theirs.

    And also if you don’t want people commenting on your hair, don’t dye it neon pink. It’s gonna get people commenting, if only by way of being the most obvious and unusual thing they see in their field of vision. Not everyone wants to sleep with you. Fuck off.

    PS You’re hilarious! Evidence that women are funny. Keep on keeping on.

  43. If her hair is the only part of her she finds worthy of talking about then she's not worth anybody's time.

  44. Yes, this should really be vidya - why not?

  45. This comment has been removed by the author.

  46. I agree with you so much. This reminds me of elevatorgate lol. "Guys, don't do that."
    Their inane interpretation of that is, "Oh so, just because you don't feel that way you don't care about those who do?" It's like no. YOU PEOPLE KEEP INCLUDING US. Telling "guys" not to do this or that in regards to women everywhere. Newsflash 3rd wave feminism: you DO NOT speak for women. Such a small minority of women are 3rd wave feminists. Even in that minority, not all 3rd wave feminists have the same opinion about what's offensive. So, 3rd wave feminists pretend to speak for women, because..????
    It's like they don't realize that if they started to say, "*SOME* 3rd wave feminists women feel that..."
    instead of, "WOMEN FEEL THAT..." We wouldn't be sitting here saying: just to clarify, as women, that's not our experience.

    Also, if someone is trying to be nice to you and you're not nice back, the natural human reaction is to think you're a bitch/asshole. This may not be accurate but it's just the natural human reaction and has NOTHING TO DO WITH GENDER.
    (I deleted my original comment because it was long af and I didn't realize it until it was fully published :S lol).

  47. tried to communicate with shoe several times, she just ignores you, doesnt give a shit about 'relating'

    1. Lol excuse her for having an actual life and not replying to random people's questions on the internet all the time.

  48. You know, if you're willing to put the hair thing out there, I do think this would make a great video. This was a good read.

  49. Totally read this in your voice. You're an excellent writer. Can't wait to read more!

  50. 32 year old dude here. grew a goatee (minus the tash) when i was in school so senpai would notice me. she didn't though because i was a social retard. couldn't even stand 5 foot from the opposite sex without burning strawberry red. Managed to become friends with other misfits in my school.we all had our probs and the easiest way we found to get by was to take as much drugs as possible.hash,weed,coke,speed,yokes,mushrooms,lighter fluid,poppers and good old alcohol. Sure my brain was so mashed all the time it got me through my school years. It was after school i realized i hadn't dealt with any of my anxieties. Id sit down, start to stroke my goatee(to stop myself from nail biting) and a single hair would present itself as not fitting in. Id grab it between thumb and index and yank the fucker out. Ahh that's better said my brain.
    Now continue. There's another one, just keep stroking, it'll present itself. Yeah your right, I can feel it. Yank! ouch! that was sore. But it feels better now doesn't it said my brain. yes, yes it does. Continue. This went on for hours on end. eventually i started doing it public it became so uncontrollable. Im better now
    morale of the story, i don't know, just wanted to share.

    And for that self loathing red haired piece of trash who complains about hair compliments. Go fuck yourself.
    Go fuck yourself for the rest of your life. With an attitude like that, that's all you'll have going for you. No man could put up with your crazy. Your a 3.5 bitch, the hair brings you to a 4. but give it 7 years and your gona be below 3. You'll get your wish then cos no man will even look at you, not to mind compliment your dirty rag head.

    And now shoe, you Crazy trichy ocd Arm flailing double jointed Muh wage gap button pushing Irish son of a bitch..... much love my dear, may all your dreams come through

    1. Yokes? I take it you're Irish then? Lol.

  51. I don't want to come off as weird but you're at least an 8

  52. i really hate that she complains about people using her most obvious feature as a conversation starter. it is fucking hard, especially in today's sociopolitical climate, to approach a stranger. it is a risk. you have to go on SOMETHING, and visual cues are the easiest.

    like it or not, having interesting hair is a social cue which means, to most people, HELLO I AM HERE NOTICE ME. even considering the negative effects feminism has had on social interaction, it is still not normal to anticipate that the person you're approaching will be so hideously unsociable that a well-meaning compliment is taken as an attack. instead of being offended, fucking own it! then offer polite thanks, and firmly go about your business if you don't wanna chat.

    if being told your hair is nice makes you feel so degraded, don't make it the first thing ANYONE will notice about you! excuse the fuck out of people for trying to connect, to be sociable. it is not always about sex. even if it is, that should only be threatening when it is expressed abusively. YOU SHORE GOT PURTY HAIR does not qualify.

    (someone actually said that to me once, and i had to blurt "THANKS" and quickly duck into the store so i could laugh. a feminist would have snapped at him, or been shaking in terror for the rest of the day.)

    the only people who will persist after you do the brush-off are clueless or creepy, and those are rare.

    btw, someone i care about experienced one of the supposedly rare side effects of a pharmaceutical drug he took as a kid, and started experiencing hair loss in his teens as a result. i have seen the anguish this causes.

    as for whether this post should be a video: the article is certainly more evidence that feminism has become humblebrag: the movement. it is definitely an extremely embarrassing, cringeworthy expression of feminism. it surely demonstrates that there is something very wrong with the way feminists expect people to interact (or NOT INTERACT, and that deserves a whole other rant). you can explain your personal reasons for your reaction to the article, if you are comfortable doing so.

    and shoe, i have never even suspected you wear wigs. you always look naturally beautiful, and i will continue to think so. easily and objectively a ten in my estimation. next time you feel like shit about yourself, please think about the way dear people in your life see you.

  53. You find the lol cows, then cook and prepare them perfectly into delicious lol steaks. Dank memes as always.

    btw have you seen the trailer for "Hillary's America"?

    no feminist/sjw stuff, but it is some next level republican propaganda. My favorite line from the trailer is:

    "What if the goal of the Democratic Party is to steal the most valuable thing the world has ever produced? What if their plan is to steal America?"

    here is the link:

  54. That was a good read familia. She really does need to get her head out of her ass, and I do wish people would start being kinder to each other.

    I've very rarely ever gotten compliments as a dude. I sometimes get concerned about my body and being overweight. Can you imagine how many girls wouldn't have this problem if they didn't have this outlook when it came to compliments (and if men bothered to do it more so to)?

  55. Interesting article, I plan to read more and watch more videos. One thing I take issue with is your failure to consider the very real threat she must feel from some men when she doesn't act happy for the compliment. Men like to compliment beautiful women if for other reason than hope to their face light up with a smile because of what we just said, that sort of of thing can put a spring in a man's step all day! Since you say you were starved for flattery I am sure your smile lights up many a man's. Sad thing is, not every woman has your experience, not every man has mine. Sounds like you did not get compliments till long past you WANTED them. Are you not aware that many girls get complimented as women, i.e. before they want them and before they feel safe to handle them? Women who got compliments before they were appropriate could very easy still not like them as adults. The other thing you seem to not get is the DANGER woman can find themselves in whne then are not appreciative of compliments, again, you like compliments so it sounds you have much less experience with men reacting badly when their compliment is NOT appreciated by you. If my compliment isn't appreciated I assume they are having a bad day and since I simply wanted to make them happy I say "sorry" (if any thing) and leave them ALONE. Let me assure you that there are men who do infact expect a "thank you" to a compliment and furthermore GET MAD when it isn't forth coming.
    That you seem so blasé or incredulous about a woman' legitimate concern for her safety makes it very easy for your other views to be dismissed out of hand. It seems that some of what I see of "4th wave" or what I call internet feminism you seem to have valid critisms of. One I don't like is the now very common rush for judgement in discourse and character assassination instead of dealing with any sort of facts. Libs and Reps both do it. Trying to say who does it more does'nt help advance the cause of reason.
    So dismissing female experiences of danger (that even a man can see) is giving unnessicary ammo to your critics.

    1. Except that's an entirely irrational fear and you'd have her wallow in it. Women are the safest, most protected members of society, even above children. In the west it is a statistical near-improbablity that she would ever be physically attacked for 'not having the right answer' and perpetuating the fear isn't doing anyone any favors.

  56. I have a theory:
    The men who are complimenting her aren't good enough for her.

    I would be willing to bet that all these men complimenting her hair aren't exactly tall, athletic, handsome, well-dressed (rich), articulate gentlemen. Instead they are most likely short, bald(ing), fat, not well-dressed (poor), and not addressing her in the Queen's English.

    So really, what's annoying her is not that she is receiving compliments, as she surely would be over the moon if she walked past say Brad Pitt and received a compliment. She's annoyed that men whom she considers beneath her, do not share in her belief - how dare they.

  57. I'm glad you shared some of your past with us. I never would have guessed, and sorry about your past experiences. Because of people like the woman you mentioned, I am afraid of complimenting women. I just complimented a woman I don't know for the first time online recently and was worried that she would think I was creepy or a stalker of some sort even though I had no nefarious intention.

  58. i'm so sorry to hear about your trich shoe, it's a horrible thing to suffer from. is it related to ocd? i got this skin picking ocd where i have to pick and pinch every little bump i find on my skin. it has given me scars on my arms and in my face which looks fucking horrible, like i wasn't a loser before. the ones on my face i cover up with make up though, but whenever i see myself in the mirror without makeup, i'm like WHY THE FUCK DID I DO THAT TO MYSELF OMFG I HATE MYSELF, and then i become stressed and start picking on my skin because i'm stressed, and then i hate myself even more. so, yeah. anyways, i always thought your hair was so pwetty, and it still is. what's your real hair like underneath the wig?

  59. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/dear-khloe-cultural-appropriation-of-black-hairstyles_us_57b380cde4b014a587fba07c

    You will love to read this article from 16/08/2016

    PS. I think you are great. Inteligent, funny and beautiful - outside and as a person (I presume you are a good person ) hahaha

  60. lowerpunc is justice. because proper punctuation in informal settings (and let's be real, if anyone can show me a proper formal setting on the internet, i'll eat my own shit or your money back) just makes you seem like you think you're a big deal.

    i'm going to try not to suck your dick but i appreciate what you say and would go so far as to say that i even agree with a majority of it. dissenting opinions from targeted demographics are absolutely vital to the betterment of society, especially in an age where there's so little tolerance for them. regardless of the overall value of a movement (and i personally do my best to refrain from overarching judgment calls) people need to be called on their shit. the prevailing winds in modern politics require adherents to toe the party line to the point that a lot of people don't really seem to ever challenge what's being shunted upon them. modern academia and society is breeding a generation of thoughtless, unheeding, yet intelligent zealots who have a developed mental framework from which they can engage in protracted debate and generate sophisticated justifications, yet have very little tolerance for, or ability to project that inwards on their own preconceptions.

    and that's fucked up. cheers.

  61. This blog post reads exactly like one of your youtube videos. Like, holy shit, exactly like one of them. I could hear your voice and the backing beat in my mind as I read along. fuckin black magic

    10/10, would read again.

  62. You should make a video about this! Maybe not the first part if you don't feel like it, that's totally understandable. Thanks for sharing all that with us tho

  63. Styling your hair like that is soliciting attention. It doesn't matter if, inside your own head, you're just doing it for yourself. Nobody can mind read. Imagine if you went around shouting "look at me! look at me!" and so everyone looked at you, then you complain that, actually, you just like saying the words "look at me" because the sound of it is pleasing to you--you do it just for yourself. You don't actually want people to look at you, and, moreover, you find people looking at you offensive. Now, rather than consider changing your own behaviour, you decide that people who look at you are just entitled assholes and you shouldn't have to put up with it. You wonder: why do these "guys" assume that words, clothing, body language, etc. have conventional uses as social signals to communicate, especially in public spaces? What kind of sexist bigot would think that?

  64. Oh god... Okay, I read it. Now I'm going to leave before I quote your entire blog and fix all the grammar.

  65. This is one ungrateful bitch.
    Yeah i hate that having colorful hair has become a sjw related thing because ive been wanting purple hair for the longest time. Ohwell still gonna do it

  66. I love you so much more now. D: I feel so fanfaggy right now but I never knew you wore wigs or had trich, and I've had trich since about 12 as well, only with my eyelashes. And I have no clue why this makes me so happy, but it does. It's a really shitty thing to deal with, especially when people tell you "Why don't you just stop then?" lolol okay. Let me just remove my fingers, yeah. Anyways, I'm going to finish reading the rest of your post now and pretend I'm not a dork for feeling all giddy about something so shitty.

  67. Hey June, never knew you suffered from trich and wore wigs. Always thought your hair was flawless, you have great taste in wigs <3 You should make a video about this if you're comfortable, I think it would help a lot of girls who struggle with self confidence. You're a wonderful role model, wish you all the happiness in the world.

  68. This is probably the moment where I have gone from thinking you would be really great to banter and hang out with to realizing you would be a really wonderful friend. I didn't know you had trich (ahh i hope i spell that right) but its so great how you've come to better terms with it. There is a variation of this which I have called dermatilomania, which involves extreme picking of the skin and such. I have that, and it has always been a burden. Growing up I just couldn't stop picking....even when it hurt so much, even when i looked awful from it, even when I knew right then I wasn't helping anything. Its scary to have to almost literally beat yourself up because how do you feel normal about that? Your self-esteem? Its such an awful thing to face and of course explaining it can be a nightmare. I never knew I would find you to be someone to relate to about this, nay, a role model regarding this stuff. I hope I'm not putting you too much on the spot, or making assumptions about your life here. I just never have found someone level headed enough to relate to on this. So thank you.

    1. Actually, I do think it's important to note that for myself; it's a response to stress and anxiety. When I was able to get medicated for my anxiety I noticed things had gotten a little better. However, the misplaced grooming tactics have always remained: scraping out earwax, pulling out eyebrows, and peeling my nails. Ahh sorry that probably sounds really gross!! But my point is that I don't know how similar I am for hair pulling, so I don't know if the same medicating would work, but...it might, so I thought I'd mention.

    2. Actually, I do think it's important to note that for myself; it's a response to stress and anxiety. When I was able to get medicated for my anxiety I noticed things had gotten a little better. However, the misplaced grooming tactics have always remained: scraping out earwax, pulling out eyebrows, and peeling my nails. Ahh sorry that probably sounds really gross!! But my point is that I don't know how similar I am for hair pulling, so I don't know if the same medicating would work, but...it might, so I thought I'd mention.

  69. Fo real tho. I live for the off chance that someone says something nice to me. My hair has red in it, sometimes people say it's cool, I LOVE that because it's nice of people to notice even though it's not my doing. It means someone noticed something about me and, in their mind, thought, "Oh, I could say this out loud and make this person feel good." I appreciate that. Barring the obvious assholes this woman is ruining it for people who could really benefit from some casual affirmation. Jeez.

  70. FUCK I so wish I knew if she read the comments on here because oh my god I wish I could tell her this. I've had trich since I was 7 and had huge baseball sized bald spots that I was bullied for until I finally got a wig when I was 12. I'll be honest here, as a wig wearer, and an avid viewer of your videos I had a slight feeling you might wear wigs so to see if you'd ever mentioned it I googled "Shoe0nHead wig" and voila here I am. It was strange enough to find out that you also wore wigs, but to find out that it was for the same REASON, (I've never met anybody who pulls from their head in my life, other that Beckie0 who is a bit of an sjw lmao) I freaked out a bit. Anyway, long story short, you just made me less ashamed of my condition, and I fucking love you for posting this.

  71. Hey June, I really liked this post. I loved it, actually. Apart from the fact that it's just like watching one of your videos - at least the latter part - it's a very sobering video too, but in another direction.

    While it's not obvious at all that you're wearing a wig, I did notice and google it. I originally thought I'd get conspiracy theories and trolls but I was instead directed here. While I'm aware I'll never have the pleasure to get to know you, this made me able to "see" a little bit more of the human being behind the persona. I would never fool myself into thinking I know you, but knowing a little bit about you makes me feel nice, I guess.

    One thing I disagree with is that you call yourself a 5/10 on a good day. Fuck no, you're way above that. So many times have I seen you on social media or youtube and thought to myself "Fuck, wouldn't I wanna look like that." Either that's creepy or a nice compliment, or both, you decide.

    Lastly. As for making this into a video, I would love to see it, but I also think that you maybe shouldn't? I guess it depends on wether or not you want to bare your condition to that many people. I'm just kind of worried it would backfire on you, specially this time of year. You do as you like, tho.


  72. maybe stop ripping your hair out and making excuses you dumb bitch

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  77. Ripping out your hair .. willingly .. hmm you are insane you stupid cunt